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06-29-2012, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by spidermitch0 View Post
Well fellas, I think I've been thinking about starting a new thread since I can no longer edit the original post with updates / version numbers / changes to links as they happen.... etc. It sucks we'll loose the hit count (at about 190k at the moment), all the replies, dev posts, etc...

And people will have to update their bookmarks (which I'm going to try to use's new URL editing to redirect the old to the new thread).

Hopefully, I can get a dev to re-sticky it.

I read through some posts from the Devs about the forums, and unless I missed it, they don't seem to be saying "Editing past posts" to be a problem that they're working on. Am I wrong? Are they, indeed working on it & I just missed it?
Should I just sit tight, or go for making a new thread?
I think you should make a new thread, Spidermitch

If you can't keep your charts up-to-date, your effort will quickly become wasted. It sucks that you'll lose this massive thread, it really does... but people love your work. They can easily change their bookmarks and all that.

And by making a new thread, you'll make a post under your own name, instead of Archived Post. That way, you can edit your charts to new changes.

And once a dev is aware, they'll happily re-sticky it :smile:

(And on the 'editing past posts' issue, I read something about that. They tried to keep the Archived Posts under original names, they really did, but it caused unacceptable security issues or something like that... so they relucantly kept it as it now)
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