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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
In general these are the most common Fed set ups:

3 Piece Borg + MACO Shield (Most survivable)
2 Piece Borg + 2 Piece Omega (Borg proc + Tet Glider)

MACO Shield + 2 Piece Omega is also doable, but not a lot of people run it I suspect.
2 Piece Borg (Console/Engines) and MACO Shield/Deflector.
Borg 2-Piece Bonus (Good survivability Boost)
MACO 2-Piece Bonus (5% Better recharge time on all your BOFF powers)

The BOFF Recharge Time buff generally works out superior to the little bit of extra constant firepower from the Omega "Tetryon Glider" bonus; unless you've got a full team all specced to stack shield drain. As a byproduct you get the best shield in the game, plus better survivability buffs from the Deflector than you'd get from the Borg version.

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