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To all those that supported and used these charts:
I have enjoyed making these charts & contributing to the passion of this community. It's what's tied me to this game (in an unofficial capacity) and I've always looked at this project as a "labor of love." But moving forward, I don't think I can give the attention needed to continue making this resource - at least not in the capacity that everyone using it deserves. I used to keep track of the dev blogs and listen to podcasts, anticipating new ships as they came out (often showing on the shipcharts with "placeholders"). I was usually on tribble with the test ships AS SOON as they were available; those that weren't on Tribble, I'd beg others for screenshots of the latest and greatest ship. With time constraints on me and working two jobs just to make ends meet, I really don't think I can continue, no matter how much I wish I could. If it was a paid gig, then yeah! bring it on! but, as I said, it's always been a "labor of love" and sometimes, love just isn't enough. *sad panda*

Don't want to leave on a sad note though... I again want to thank everyone who's supported this project and gave me encouragement. Working on something like this for the better part of 2 years is a commitment I have enjoyed and held proudly. It's our love of Star Trek & it's ideals that unites us all - as a community and through our humanity, and I've learned so much through doing this for everyone.

Thanks & I'll see you all in the stars...

STO FEDERATION Ship Tier Chart v8.1.8 (Updated 7/6/12)
  • Future FED chart changes:
    • Maybe change Oddysey subclass consoles to numeric (like the rest of the chart now)
    • Change angles on Exploration & Assault Cruisers to match the rest of the chart
  • Most recent FED Chart Changes
    • FED v8.1.8 (7/06/12):
      • Cleaned up alot of rows / text / etc...
      • Retrofit all ship silhouettes (HUDs) with Shield stats & Graphic
      • Replaced all impulse trails & added IMP ##
      • changed all console bars to single bar with numeric stat
      • changed Fleet Escort section title to Blockade Escort
      • changed MVAM Escort & Heavy Escort Carrier's HULL amount to new amount
    • FED v8.1.5 - v8.1.6 (6/17/12):
      • Added device slot count on the Adv Odyssey Just stuck it at the top for lack of better placing LOL
      • Corrected prices of Lieutenant Commander FED ships, it is 15 000 dilithium, not 40k (thx Toiva)
      • Resized entire chart to accomidate for new VA tier column
      • Added Heavy Escort Carrier section with stats
      • Added new Shield UI HUD element and stat for Oddy, Atrox and Armitage
    • FED v8.1.3 - v8.1.4 (5/5/12):
      • Recreated Advanced Odyssey Cruiser section: moved Subclasses to the right, Broke apart all consoles, Changed color of console backdrops, & grouped with Subclasses
      • Add the Caitian Atrox Carrier LCARsish section & stats
      • Correct positions of some of the class lines
      • Correct Star Cruiser impulse stat (15)
      • Correct Tactical Escort - Retrofit impulse stat (20)
    • FED v8.1.2 (4/16/12):
      • Removed all Shuttles / Fighters (they are now on the SS Ship Chart - see below)
      • Replaced Odyssey pics (2nd year anniversary giveaway) with Odyssey Advanced Cruiser (c-store ship) pics
      • Modified Odyssey subclass config sections
    • FED v8.1.1 (3/29/12):
      • Added Subclass information to Odyssey Advanced Cruiser & Stat changes.
    • FED v8.1.0 (2/27/12):
      • Added Yellowstone section, stats, angles
      • Moved and corrected some stuff on Shuttlecraft row
    • FED v8.0.8 - v8.0.9 (2/20/12):
      • Revamped background of Cardassian Galor section
      • modified bkg of Magellan
      • Replaced all ship pictures of Advanced Escort, Fleet Escort, Star Cruiser, Recon Science Vessel, & Deep Space Science Vessel / all classes with newer HQ shots & angles. (still have Exp Cruisers & Assault Cruisers to go)
  • Link to Archived FED Chart Changes

STO Shuttle & Special Ship Chart v1.1.3 (Updated 07/05/12)
  • Upcoming SS chart changes
    • Retrofit all ships (maybe shuttles, not sure) with shield HUD in stats w SHD modifier stat
  • Most recent SS Chart Changes
    • SS v1.1.3 (07/05/12):
      • Replaced Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle price text to icon of Lobi Crystal
      • Replaced Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle HUD icon with correct ship silhouette
      • Added Caitian Stalker Fighter section, stats & pics
      • Added Tuffli Class Freighter section, stats & pics
    • SS v1.1.1 - 1.1.2 (05/02/12 - 05/03/12):
      • Added Cross-Faction ship: Ferengi D???Kora
      • Added Cross-Faction Shuttle: Ferengi Na???Far Shuttle
    • SS v1.0.1 - v1.0.8 (04/13/12):
      • Corrected Yellowstone crew (5 not 4)
      • Altered colors & KDF banner
      • Added 02 flag for second year anniv text for Bortas
      • Added Bortas (2nd Year Anniversary give away)
      • Added Odyssey (2nd Year Anniversary give away)
      • Added KDF Shuttles / Fighters
      • Added FED Shuttles / Fighters
      • Added Cross-Faction Ships (Jem'Hadar Bug & Cardassian Galor)
      • Corrected Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Crew (50 not 300)
  • Link to Archived SS Chart Changes

  • Upcoming KDF chart changes
    • Still need the following console / wep icons: ChTang, Varanus
  • Most recent KDF Chart Changes
    • KDF v6.1.6 (4/10/12):
      • Replaced Bortasq (2nd year anniv giveaway) pics with Bortasqu' (c-store) & subclass configs & stats
      • Removed JemHadar & Cardassian Galor sections (will be moved to the upcoming SS Chart)
      • Removed Shuttlecraft & Fighter sections (will be moved to the upcoming SS Chart)
      • Added Console for Scourge Destroyer
    • KDF v6.1.5 (2/19/12):
      • Corrected most usability text on all console infos
      • Added Galor Section Stats & Shots (thx to Framesplicer of the 12th Fleet for the shots!)
      • Resized JemHadar section
    • KDF v6.1.4 (2/12/12):
      • Added VA ship: Bortas pics, stats & backdrop
      • Changed KarFi backdrop
  • Link to Archived KDF Chart Changes

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