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04-06-2009, 03:35 AM
Pretty good update Kestrel. The Romulan troubles just keep getting worse but I hope they aren't wiped out completely like some people are saying. Star Trek without the Romulans wouldn't be the same.

I really hope the Cardassians don't come to rely on the Federation too much. I guess I could see the two factions becoming allies but Cardassian people are too proud to just let themselves be ruled or absorbed into the Federation. The beating that Cardassia took at the end of the Dominion war was a bad one but not as bad as many seem to think. The Cardassian Union must have held a large amount of territory say, 10-20 star systems at least? 800 million from that is a blow but not too bad a blow. The only problem is that it was the homeworld that took the brunt of it.

I really hope the Cardassians regain their independance soon. 23 years is a long time so I guess we'll see.

Looking forward to seeing what happens with the Klingon - Gorn tensions and how that will be explained. When are we going to see the Gorn pictures that Zinc promised us?

It's good to see Rom proving he does have the lobes for business

Can't wait for the next one now Kestrel!