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06-29-2012, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
Fantastic charts. Do you have the images for the Stalker Fighter? If not I do.
Also the Tuffli-Class Freighter is now in DOF packs.
Also if I may; the Shuttle charts might look better if the Fed Shuttles where arranged in this order: Class F, Type 8, Type 10, Delta, Danube, Yellowstone, Peregrine, Stalker, Tal'Kyr, Yacht. So Shuttle, Flyer, Runabout, Fighters, and Auxiliary craft.

Also have you thought about making a pets chart?
Haha. Probably a 'no thx' to the shuttle pets chart, since I've been limiting the charts to 'what a player can fly' and for now, I'll probably keep em like that. Unless it's an afterthought that goes on the Shuttle/Special (SS) chart. Lemme mull it over...

I currently have shots from the Freighter and the Stalker Fighters, so I'll be adding that to the SS chart as soon as I get around to updating it (hopefully this weekend!)

About rearranging the SS chart: I'll look into what to do when I go adding the above-mentioned ships. I may take your suggestion, or put it as an 'order in which it comes out'... not sure yet tho. Either way, thx for the input.