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04-06-2009, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by Flatfingers View Post
I can see how the demilitarization aspect of the new Federation-Cardassian treaty will remind people of Japanese policy after WW II.

However, there are several reasons why I suspect the F-C treaty has more in common with the Treaty of Versailles:

1. Japanese demilitarization was the product of being forced to accept the terms of the Potsdam Declaration, rather than signing a treaty as did post-WWI Germany.

2. Perhaps as a result of learning their lesson after the Treaty of Versaiiles treated post-WWI Germany rather shabbily, occupied Japan after WWII was administered sensibly for the most part, and serious cash for rebuilding physical and social infrastructure was provided to Japan that the Germany of the 1920s never saw. The Treaty that left Germany to fend for itself seems closer to the F-C treaty as described than to the occupation-with-rebuilding support that Japan experienced.

3. Japan, despite rearming over the years, has remained peaceful since the end of WWII. (Whether that lasts, with North Korea firing missiles over their heads, remains to be seen.) Germany, as we know, did not remain peaceful after WWI ended. This seems more likely to be the scenario created for the Cardassians since a more militaristic posture, although obviously not a matter for smiles in our real world, would make for better gameplay in a computer game like Star Trek Online.

All that said, the point that the Federation-Klingon conflict is likely to be given center stage is a good one. Still, what about the notion that a charismatic leader could appear on Cardassia Prime to claim that the Federation hosed them, stirring up nativist sentiment again? If I were writing a future history, the potential parallel of some silver-tongued Cardiassian in the 2400s with a certain corporal and failed artist of the 1920s and '30s might be too hard to ignore....

Can't wait to see where Kestrel takes all this.

My god this has to be one of the most intelligent post I have ever read on here.