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Originally Posted by skhc View Post
I don't agree with that, I find centre first far more efficient. It makes no sense to me to be engaging the Borg on the left and right platforms from anywhere other than on those platforms so you can just knock two of them off with one pulsewave hit each.
100% disagree. Its about timing and when the drones respawn. You want to take out the area farthest away from where you will be when you cleared objectives first so that when they respawn you are no where near them. If you take out center first then those drones respawn first and have full view of the whole room and can hit you anywhere. If you do center third they are in line after left then right respawning. Left should respawn as you are taking out #4 console at the latest. With taking center out first that means center would respawn as you are clearing 4, so you'd have to stop, clear them then go ahead.