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04-06-2009, 08:15 AM
Breech, the only way we're going to have crews that detailed and not feel shackled by a small selection of "premade" crewmen is for multiplayer ships to be part of the game. Only a roleplayer can do an original character real justice along those lines.

I'm certain players will want to create crewmen with skills, appearances and even backstories that suit their own creative and tactical instincts without being limited by a small pallet of options. Cryptic seems pretty serious about giving us that kind of flexibility.

No, for now, given we're going to be stuck with single player ships I think this is the right compromise. Utter freedom to create a bridge crew and flexibility in designing a ship coupled with some neutral-flavored commentary from our crew during that mission. The only realistic alternative is no narrative input from our NPC crew at all.

Cryptic's starting to feel the pinch of their decision a little bit here but it's the only practical one they could make given a finite development time. Hopefully we will, eventually, see multiplayer ships and perhaps the kind of colorful, lively, interaction you and I both want. Until then I'm content enough with this approach for NPC crew.