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06-29-2012, 03:51 PM
Having listened to the new PriorityOne podcast, we have new info about the upcoming Fleet Starships: (still subject to change though)

Will be Fleet only (had to be said)
Will ALL be Tier 5
Total of 40+ ships to be added, divided between Fed and KDF (these ships are retrofits/refits of existing ones, but they will have new materials for the refit skins)
These ships will not have the C-Store skin options, or C-Store only consoles, unless you have bought the ship (Then you can use them on the new Fleet ships)
Some will have 10 console slots of various arrangements, and some will have +10% to shields and hull (some because not all info is available; no other stat info is available either)

This might be fairly obvious... but this would wreck HAVOC on your charts if you added 20 ships to each chart's Tier 5 sections. You might have to consider a Fleet-only chart(s) to add this...
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