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06-29-2012, 03:07 PM
Starchart Revisions


Added several systems introduced with the Legacy of Romulas update
Added the Dilithium Mine Fleet Holding
Updated copyright information
Removed duplication of Iconia system


Added the new Romulan sector block, systems and sectors.
Renamed 'Azure Nebula' in B'moth sector to 'Yen Nebula', as per season 7 changes
Added Hromi Cluster to Pi Canis sector block
Added Arucanis Arm to Regulas sector block


Removed fleet actions due to the addition on PVE Queues
Removed Starbase list
Added new systems from Season 6
Added galactic map to show sector block locations


Updated the Star Chart for season 5 to include suggested routes for the 'Tour the Galaxy' Event. Kudos goto Azurian for the Federation route.


Remade the map and updated the information to Season 3.


Visual look of map revamped


Added Fleet Action Locations
Added New Klingon Clusters
Added Transwarp Gates
Remade the system Icons to differentiate system types
Adjusted the contrast of the image to assist people printing it out
Fixed several typo's


Remade Starfield to be a bit more detailed
Adjusted brightness and colour settings for people printing out the map
Added Borg System names to chart and system list
Added Ganalda Station for the Klingons
Fixed several typo's
Created a High resolution version for printing purposes


Corrected a few typos
Created a printable version


Version 1

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