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# 1 Not worth the agro
06-29-2012, 05:17 PM
I have spent a lot of time here recently
Basically i was trying to help and maybe make some friends

Well I guess i failed

I suggested people read the skill descriptions
I suggested people might not WANT to tank
I suggested that greed and price gouging are wrong

Well everything I said made things worse
and now people think tanking is the only way and that I am talking against the godlike mechanics of the mmo (which incidentally are a myth)

I have been routinely abused , misquoted and hell even threatened

so for now at least im going to stop

I will no longer try and advise ANYONE
I won't comment on new ideas or designs
I won't tell you when you have the facts wrong or even mention when things make no sense

I thought I was helping

Clearly i was not

So here is my last bit of advice to everyone (at least till I have a nice little holiday)

DON'T take anyones word as gospel
And never dare to disagree or you will get it in the neck

oh and if someone tells you what to do tell them to stuff it