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06-29-2012, 06:13 PM
Oh new thread, Nice.

Thanks for all the work on the charts.
Here's my thought on fleet ships: Seperate the Fed and KDF charts in standard and fleet ships sections. Standard is the same chart as it is now, the fleet charch would be placed at the bottom of the standard chart and have the new fleet refits seperated by which Tactical tier unlocks the hull (with the headers listing how much FXP that takes ) and haveing all the regular stuff.

On a side note, on the carrier ships, you should put the icons of the fighters that can be launched by them, since not all carriers can use all fighters. Additionally, the Atrox might use a note about its ability to fit dual cannons.

On a side, side note, I sent you a message. Not sure if you got it, what with these new forums and all (it took me long enough to find the send message button, I'm sure I screwed it up)