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06-29-2012, 07:15 PM
I think that alot of this is a result of the "pay-to-play" vs. "free-to-play" scenario....payers get top priority over the freebies in terms of server bandwidth and priority placement, so all us freeplayers get booted when the lifers and monthers jump online during peak hours...if i had the money, i would pay for the lifetime sub, and maybe not have these headaches. it's not exactly productive for PWE to gack the free players like this, and a better solution would be to set up a separate server bank for the free-to play peeps, and cryptics dedicated servers for those with lifetime subs and the monthly payers to enjoy, and the option to jump over to a better server when someone fully buys the game through either lifetime subs, or monthly's not perfect, by any means, but better than leaving half of the player base out in the cold for just a handfull of bucks....come on PWE! you can do better than this!

on another note...if any PWE techies are reading this, there is something wrong with the login kicked out bout 7 times now trying to log on...everything works fine up until the "loading server maps" icon appears then auto this a priority login thing? or is your login server just plain borked?

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