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06-29-2012, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by anthonyxmas1 View Post
Okay, some Devs are leaving. Some Devs communicate regularly to players and answer questions on the forums and in chat channels. Some Devs do a lot of hard work and put out great content.

But I see the players being too much fans (=fanatics) when it comes to the Devs, almost to the point of excessive worship and a Cult of Personality.

So what happens? The players get extremely upset and disappointed if a beloved Dev departs from Cryptic or from Star Trek Online. Such players also spell doom and gloom for the future of Star Trek Online.

That is unhealthy and unrealistic. The Devs are people (strange, but true!), with their own lives and plans for their future. Eventually, they unchain themselves from their workstations, and either go home to family and a life outside of STO, or go on to new projects and employment outside of STO.

The players should, as Shatner said on Saturday Night Live, "get a life". Stop thinking that STO is doomed because one or more Devs leave. Sure, be a bit disappointed.

But play the game, enjoy the game. And remember, it's only a game!


I know some people go too far (DOOM) with their posts, but I can understand people being truely upset with someone leaving, especially a dev who you know created something in game you absolutely love (DOFF system!). Also, when you see several quality devs leaving Cryptic, it's not unreasonable to wonder if it's because PW is changing the corporate "atmosphere" negatively.

I see nothing wrong with wondering, worrying, and even voicing that in the forums, but I'm not about to declare STO dead because of it. I just hope it's not because of negative changes and then we see even more of the original team leave.