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06-29-2012, 10:13 PM
I've got the Atrox Carrier and the Heavy Escort Carrier. And yes i agree that a small Box showing some info on the deployed hangar crafts would be a good idea.
It could look like this

Hangar 1: 5/6
Hangar 2: 2/4
So basicly showing the amount of craft deployed per hangarbay.

And perhaps a icon or a box around our hangar crafts. So that i know wich ones are mine.
Cause sometimes you might be grouped with multiple carriers and then it's definatly usefull to know wich ones are yours and how many you've got left.

Instead of a icon or box we could also perhaps be given the Option to Name our HangarBay Crafts so that in general we could name them Red Wing and then for every deployement of 2 or 3 crafts it would gain a Number 1 or 2.
Then the Box with the info could look like

Red Wing 1: 2/3
Red Wing 2: 1/3
Blue Wing 1: 1/2
Blue Wing 2: 2/2

It would definatly help . And make it a little easier to track our hangarcrafts so that we don't lose damage by over deploying wings . Since it takes sometime for fresh crafts to engage in combat when their being launched out of the bay.