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100% disagree. Its about timing and when the drones respawn. You want to take out the area farthest away from where you will be when you cleared objectives first so that when they respawn you are no where near them. If you take out center first then those drones respawn first and have full view of the whole room and can hit you anywhere. If you do center third they are in line after left then right respawning. Left should respawn as you are taking out #4 console at the latest. With taking center out first that means center would respawn as you are clearing 4, so you'd have to stop, clear them then go ahead.
I understand the logic of LRM fine, but I still don't think it's the best idea. If the Tac Drones are respawning whilst your still on consoles, then you're too slow doing the room, whichever method you're using. Although I will say that I usually find LRM slower, simply because you at best knock one of the six drones at the start into the plasma for an insta kill (left side, guy standing on the corner nearest the centre), vs. routinely knocking off three or four of the same six, plus as many again at the back, whilst going around after doing the centre.

I've been on plenty of successful runs where the team-leader's asked for LRM and it's worked. And I don't complain if the team-leader wants it done that way. But centre first, done properly, is a lot quicker and Tac Drones don't respawn until Rebecca is dead.

Also, on the subject of IGE's boss room: Splitting the team to 2 in the middle and 3 on consoles, which I'm seeing with most EliteSTF groups, (I appreciate that is not strictly part of LRMing the start though) really slows the process down as you then have two people sniping Tac Drones at the back into the back wall so they can't be knocked off the edge. And if the 3 get there and have to fight one or more Tac Drones, as is often the case, you frequently end up with someone DoTted, slowing down the console activation. Get DoTted with all 5 going around together, and there's still 3 people without a DoT to do the consoles.

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