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06-30-2012, 10:19 AM
Basically this:

Phaser > Polaron/Tetryon > Disruptor > Anti Proton > Plasma.

Why? Phasers have obviously the best procs.

Polaron/Tetryon both drain some stuff from your ship, practically its basically about the same end effect.

Disruptor -10 debuff, not better then Tet/Pol but still better then AP. Although that -10 is really hardly noticable at all. (Hull resistance debuff)

Antiproton +20 Severity. Negligable since all available weapon mods for AP are with [dmg] mods anyway. That would mean they would do a few DPS more then a different weapon type with CrtDx3 mods. Also u cannot use these with 2x or 3x Accuracy on any of them, perhaps 1 that might have 2x acc, but thats it.

Plasma? About all good shields reduce its damage by 20%.

These are the facts on Weapons in PvP. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are in error.