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Originally Posted by sotaudi View Post
If you check the features matrix for Free-to-Play vs. Gold, you will find that the stipend is technically "Promotional Points." That is, they are C-Points that can only be spent in STO. Since the "Zen Wallet" balance can be transferred to any PWE game, it is unlikely that they will give us Zen in the Zen Wallet. The stipend will likely always be added to your STO store balance so that it is always only spendable in STO.

That means that, until they convert the STO store, the Dilithium Exchange, and your STO C-Store store balance to Zen, you will probably continue to get your stipend in C-Points, and even after they do that conversion, it will be Zen that is added to your STO store balance rather than the Zen Wallet. Converting those to Zen will be a large undertaking, so I would not expect to see the stipend paid out in Zen until they implement Season 6, which is probably when they will convert the game prices to Zen.
if Tribble is any indication, it is exactly when they'll implement. The tacky Z icon is all over the place.