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So it turns out I had slightly more to do today, than I thought, oh well. Here it is.
I kept the format just for ISE, then got mostly lazy.

Stuff from Post 1:

Ground Weapon Selection: For these missions, it is very useful (though not required) to have one of the STF ground sets (MACO for Fed, KHG for KDF) when trying for the optional objectives. Time is very tight on these missions when trying for the optional objective, and the instant remodulation is invaluable when you consider how many times you will need to remodulate even at three seconds per remodulate. Apart from the sets, the most generally useful ground weapon is without a doubt the pulsewave rifle. Also both factions should carry with them a split-beam (for the main portion of IGE) and sniper/high density beam rifle (for one fight in CGE, the boss fight of IGE, and a variant approach for the boss fight of KAGE). The Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Assault Rifle (Anti-Devidian gun, IE, the Ghostbuster) should not be discounted either. Its secondary is exceedingly powerful and capable of dropping entire packs of borg at once if positioned properly for flanking damage. It will even chain the extra exploit damage to all targets in range if used on an exposed target.

Space Weapon Selection: As a general guideline on gear quality, the crafted mk 11 purple items or the mk 11 purple anti-borg weapons are a good starting point. Escorts should be running dual heavy cannons and quantum torpedoes, science vessels do well with dual beam banks and torpedoes or as pure torpedo boats, cruisers generally work well as beam boat unless you have an Excelsior/Assault Cruiser or Negh'var/Vor'cha cannon build. There are far more possible and reasonably effective space builds than would be convenient to discuss here, but by the time you're ready for elite STFs, you should have figured out what works for your character. One important thing to note is that Antiproton weapons, while red and very shiney are NOT the end all be all of damage type. In fact, they can be worse than other energy choices if you do not have appropriately high Targeting Systems and Energy Weapon Specialisation Skills.

Kit Selection: On the matter of kits, there are a few that stand out as being particularly useful for elite STF runs, which are discussed below:

Tactical: Fire Team is the most universally useful. Its plasma grenade in particular, it can, if used on the Defense Turrets in CGE, confuse the light plasma turrets and keep them from attacking the bomb planter. Squad leader is very beneficial for IGE with its in place bonuses from Overwatch and Rally Cry as well as the Smoke bomb.

Science: Analyst is marvelous for close range work in KAGE and CGE with Tachyon Harmonic and Sonic Pulse (both very good for keeping worker drone off transformers in Cure). Physicist is good for longer ranged work such as IGE (it can be more universally useful now with the geologist doff's changes to gravimetric shirt, the ground based gravity well). For general support, Medic works, as does the Borg Medical Analyzer (a discontinued, and therefore very rare and expensive item).

Engineering: Every engineer should carry with them at least Enemy Neutralisation, Fabrication Specialist, and Equipment Technician (for the IGE boss fight). Enemy Neutralisation should be used most of the time, swapping out to Fabrication to put down quantum mortars when they are useful (such as when guarding transformers or before Armek). Fabrication Specialist is also particularly useful for the pre-Ogan phase of IGE. Equipment technician is for the boss fight in IGE.

Ground Device Selection: The only things required are Immunosupport Nanite Injectors (which counter the borgs attempt to assimilate you, most of the time, and which contrary to popular belief can even happen at absolutely absurd ranges {IE, out past 30 meters}) and, a remodulator if you do not have the Integral Remodulators that come with the STF ground sets. After that, it depends on your set up. Engineers in MACO gear, for example, need hyposprays but not shield charges. Depending on their damage intake, KDF characters in Honour Guard might be able to get away without hyposprays but will likely need shield charges. If you have it, the Ophidian cane is excellent, either defensively or offensively.

On the Subject of Tribbles, if enough of your team was around for it, and you have the right make up, IDIC tribble synergy is ideal. Otherwise, the Triolic Tribble is cheap and provides damage resistance if you dont want to pay for the Borg one.

Injuries and Ship Damage - Your Enemy: One of the biggest problems that people have when entering Elite STF missions for the first time is the injury system. When you (or your ship) are killed / destroyed, there is a significant chance that you will receive an injury. Injuries come in three levels of severity: Minor, Major, and Critical. Minor injuries are generally things that have little effect on your combat capabilities, so many players ignore them. Do not fall into this trap. Major injuries result in penalties that are quite noticeable, and critical injuries involve things like -10% to all damage dealt; a couple of those will completely cripple your ability to fight effectively. And guess what results in higher chances of major and critical injuries? Unhealed minor ones. The more injuries you have, the higher the chance that you'll get a crippling one. Remember that teams rely on each member effectively contributing, and you can't do that with a crippled ship. So please be sure to keep a well-stocked bank full of components and regenerators. As a rule of thumb I keep 40 major & minor versions of each healing item, alongside a couple critical ones. Happily, I almost never have to use the critical ones because I keep even minor injuries at bay. Players that don't heal their injuries is the first sign that someone doesn't know what they're doing in Elite STF runs, don't be one of those people.

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