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Infected Space


Infected Space Briefing

Mission Outline:
  1. Initial Borg patrols are defeated.
  2. Optional Objective timer begins (All mission objectives must be completed in 15 minutes).
  3. Nanite generators (4 per transformer) are destroyed. Two spheres will warp in after the first two generators are destroyed, and the destruction of generators begins the process of nanite probes and spheres, which heal the transformer, warping in.
  4. Nanite transformer(s) is/are destroyed.
  5. Borg Tactical Cube warps in.
  6. Tactical Cube & Gate are destroyed to complete mission.
General Tactics & Suggestions:
  • Gravity Well, Eject Warp Plasma & Tractor Beam Repulsors are all quite effective at slowing down incoming nanite probes and spheres.
  • Its reccommended to kill the Gate prior to attacking the tactical cube as the Tac Cube does *not* immediately aggro on entering the system, leaving you free to pummel the gate into submission without any incoming damage at all. If someone does manage to aggro the cube (and really, they have to go out of their way to do this, IE, this is a troll you probably dont want to run with again) they, or someone else should kite it out a little bit and then evasive back to work on the gate. You can also just move to the other side of the gate (flying behind) and the gate should be dead before the tactical cube manages to blunder its way into range.
  • Specifically about fighting the gate. You dont have to take any damage whatsoever. Out past about 7.8 km 15 to 30 degrees off of the side of the gate is a dead zone where its attacks cannot hit you.
  • Due to nerfs to power siphon drones and energy siphon in general, its not longer possible for a single ship to keep the tactical cube totally docile. However, they still help. Even thought they tend not to have the brute force damage potential of an escort, science ships/carriers can still make this fight a lot easier.

Tactical Walkthrough & Optional Strategy:
  1. After clearing out the initial patrols, the timer will start. Head over to one of the gates and quickly destroy the Cube guarding the nanite transformer.
  2. The team should split up and bring each of the four nanite generators to 10% of max health, WITHOUT destroying any of the four generators feeding nanites into the transformer. On command of the team lead, destroy all four nanite generators simultaneously. IMMEDIATELY have all ships focus fire on the transformer, using all available DPS-boosting abilities. The goal is to destroy the transformer before the spheres that spawn can get into range to heal it.
  3. After the transformer is destroyed, all ships should clean out the Borg vessel that entered the system.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the other transformer.
  5. After both transformers are destroyed, a Tactical Cube will warp in. Ignore it. Do not aggro it. Focus all fire on the gate while sitting in its dead zones.
  6. After the gate is destroyed, kill the Tactical Cube, and make sure to use every single trick up your sleeve, to complete the optional objective with time to spare.