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Infected Ground

Ill start this off with a quote from a firing range instructor I had in the Boy Scouts. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." I think some version of that was in a movie I saw a while ago, too. Infected Ground is not as difficult as people seem to think it is. In fact, people usually end up going unnecessarily out of their way to make it hard.

The basic premise is to not cross a series of trigger lines staggered throughout the map. When crossed, the borg start a 15 second assimilation process on the Starfleet Officers you are there to rescue (for the optional completion).

The trigger lines are detailed on the maps linked below. Most are accurate, a couple are way off but ultimately close enough, since you can do what you need to from behind them.

Link to the Mission Map

There are two ways to do this mission.

The first involves splitting into two teams and ramboing in like your life depends on it. Which it does, cause if you screw up or too many people die, or you just get plain unlucky and get hit with a flanking crit from an ornery heavy tactical drone, or some one lags, or any number of different things go wrong, you will fail the optional.

The second way, involves using your head and realising that you can kill everything from a distance, very, very quickly and then just sprint in, rescue and move on with your life. Slow is smooth, smooth IS fast.

For this STF, everyone should have a split beam, because the last thing you want to do is start knocking borg out of range with sniper shots or high density beam blasts. For the feds in Maco, sure, use your sniper secondary, just use your head while doing it. On getting to Ogan, however, its a good idea for Federation players to swap out their split for a pulse, since you can get in close to most of the rest of the enemies.

Furthermore, this is the best place for pets. IE, security escorts, monkeys, hortas, clones from the Shard of Possibilities, drones, whatever. All of them can cross the trigger lines WITHOUT triggering the assimilation process. And, with proper cooldown (and tactical initiative) management, you can have them up and absorbing extraneous damage and causing havoc on all the more difficult pulls.

Engineers should be using their Fabrication Specialist kits for this fight. Quantum Mortars and phaser/disruptor turrets for the obvious reasons, the medical generators all have places they can go out of line of sight for passive health regen and resistance, and the seeker drone to just fly in and cause trouble. Once you get to the Ogan fight though, it is best to swap to the Enemy neutralisation kit (it makes the fight go far faster). Once done with Ogan, swap back to Fabrication, stick down a mortar and then put the Enemy Neutralisation kit right back on before you get into combat. For Rebecca, use Equipment Technician as sticking down turrets/mortars or popping out drones only serves to aggro extra borg that you dont want to be fighting.

Tactical Officers should have either Fire Team or Squad Leader. If you have more than one tactical officer, one squad leader user is enough. If you only have one tactical, its pretty much a toss up. The Smoke bomb is incredibly useful for messing with the incoming borg and Overwatch and Rally Cry get maximum utility as your team stays close together for most of the STF.

Science Officers can get use out of most of their kits, the best three being Analyst, Physicist, or, lastly, Medic (Borg Medical Analyzer would probably beat out all three, if you have one). Analyst brings Tachyon harmonic, which you will have in range a lot of the time, Anesthizine Gas, again useful for messing with the borg, and Triage to help deal with incoming damage. Physicist is pure damage, especially with the new Geologist Doff's ground effect. And Medic for pure support (which while useful, wont really be necessary).

Apart from that, its just a matter of shooting the borg, drawing them in while eliminating them. Then, when all or most are dead or nearly so, running in and saving the silly, wimpy Starfleet officers who managed to get themselves caught.

Tips for the Lead-Up:

In the room with the first Elite tactical drone (the one just before Ogan's domain), you can aggro everything in the room but the Elite by sniping at the Tactical Drone in front of the holoprojector table. As long as you dont leave the ramp (IE, cross the trigger line) you can even get in range with a split beam rifle to shoot at him. This will bring the rest of the drones in the room to you, making rushing in to rescue easier as youll only have the Elite and the worker drones to deal with.

Same thing with the Elite in the Room immediately before Rebecca. You can snipe at it without crossing the trigger line so you dont have to worry about flanking hits while trying to get Worker Drones off the Rescuees.

Rebecca, aka 'Flying Borg Hussy'

The most difficult part of this fight on Elite is jumping from platform to platform. Because of the way the game calculates and determines character movement (the way they read packets [this was explained to me by the same person who coined 'Flying Borg Hussy']) sometimes you will just fall into the plasma. So, your goal is to make the jumping as easy and simple as possible.

The easiest and simplest way to go about doing that is to be intelligent in the way you kill the tactical drones in the room. The standard way to go about this (and there is a reason it is standard) is to stay right by the door and snipe or generally shoot the borg on the left platform and then the right, and only afterwords, move up the ramp and kill the borg in the center.

What you are doing is managing when they respawn.

After taking out the drones in the center, all fighting needs to stop. Do not, under any circumstances, aggro or kill the drones on the far side platforms, you actually want to leave them all alive as long as possible.

A team of three needs to go activate the transformers (start with the one immediately to the right of the door and start moving clockwise around the room). Once they are done with the second transformer, the other two team members should start clearing out the borg on the far side. They can either shoot them, or simply move over to the platfroms and just knock them off. Done properly, the team of three will simply move from transformer to transformer activating them in sequence.

Once all transformers are active, the Shield around the big shield generator in the center will go offline. Everyone needs to focus fire on it immediately to bring it down. Once destroyed the actual boss fight can begin.

To kill Rebecca, everyone needs to spread out. She has a chaining attack that will cut through you very quickly if you are too close together. This is why you want to kill the borg in the center and on the far wall as late as possible: to leave room for you to all spread out without having to deal with extra drones in the fight.

Snipers and high density beam rifles get you the most bang for your buck here as they do high *SINGLE* target damage. And the only target you want to be fighting is Rebecca.

Tips for Rebecca:

While pretty useful for the lead up, Tachyon Harmonic is probably the single worst thing you can use on Rebecca. If it shuts down her shields, when they respawn, they will do so at full health, which means you are basically healing the enemy. Needless to say, this is rather counterproductive. The Medic Kit would probably be the most useful here.

Tactical officers may even want to swap to the Operative kit for the fight. Lunge can knock borg off platforms, and the stealth module gives you extra burst damage. The plasma grenade is virtually useless for Rebecca, and if you are spread out, which you *have* to be, her damage is so low as to make Supressing Fire trivial.

Obviously, as mentioned, Engineers will want Equipment technician for this. A Fed engineer with Maco and this kit will probably never even have their shields go down on the Rebecca fight. But then, neither will most anyone else ... Its just a case of bombs and mines being pointless and turrets and drones ultimately detrimental (they aggro respawning borg very quickly, which will get you flanked and killed, also very quickly).