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Cure Space

This is probably the easiest Space mission, and certainly the fastest. A team of 5 high damage escorts will blow through in 5 to 6 minutes.

The goal is to destroy all 3 of the shipyard facilities while protecting the Kang from the craft they periodically spawn. Destroying all three while not letting the Kang drop below 75% hull hp within 15 minutes nets you the optional. Realistically, the Kang should never even be touched, and, as before you should finish the optional with 8+ minutes left on the timer.

To do this, you need one player to guard the Kang. Absolutely nothing beats an escort in this role. They have the fire power to mow through bops and raptors with ease and the speed and agility to get to every single spawn before they can reach the Kang. Simplest way is to have three purple Conn Officers in the active space slots improving the Evasive Maneuvers CD. Three will take it down to 15 seconds. After that, hyperimpulse engines and high engine power (IE, weapons set to 100, engines to 50) are all you need. Punch evasive maneuvers when near the right cube and you will burn all the way across the map. This escort's load out should be dual Cannon: Scatter Volley and Torpedo: Spread.
A good tactical captain can kill every single bop spawn and both raptor groups and have the Negh'var group nearly dead before anyone else gets there.

Everyone else focuses on assaulting the cubes.

There are several ways to go about doing it.

The easiest way, and with the highest dps requirement is to simply move right to left (or vice versa) destroying the nanites and then the cubes. (IE, RRMMLL: right nanites, right cube, middle nanites, middle cube, left nanites, left cube). Of course, everyone will always want to gang up on the negvar as soon as it spawns and then the raptor.

The middle of the road route is to follow a pattern similar to RMMRLL (or some other equivalent combo, MRRMLL, LMMLRR, or MLLMRR). The idea is to clear the nanites at two cubes, pop one cube, then the other without nanites, then everyone focuses on the last. With this, especially if the first cube popped is the middle, the assault group should be responsible for killing the raptor pack that spawns.

The last way is also responsible for most of the failures to complete this mission. It involves destroying all of the nanites at each cube, and then popping the cubes. Some people advocate trying to pop them all at once, but this is unrealistic and requires a very intimate knowledge of each persons dps. Espcially since its unlikely they will all go off, etc, then you have at the best case two groups of raptors and a pack of negs all headed to the kang. Maybe even some bops. The entire thing turns into a giant furball, and you will be lucky to even avoid failing the mission, let along getting the optional.

If you really feel you dont have the dps to deal with a final cube spawning negs, clear all the nanites at the cubes, and then pop one cube, deal with all the raptors, then pop the next. Deal with the negs, then destroy the final cube. Do not try and synchronize the cube deaths. While it can be done, youre more likely to all out fail the mission. And when you fail, you get an hour long timer on the mission and NO loot.

After the Kang is safely away, some random loot pinata called the "Assimilated Carrier" flies in. Its a joke, I have never seen anyone die to it. Point, shoot, it dies, loot drops, etc.