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Khitomer Accord Space

This is a relatively slow-paced mission with a lot of waiting or flying back and forth.

The objective is to prevent any ships from reaching the temporal gate in the center of the map. This is accomplished by bringing down each of the two transwarp gates that are off to either side. Each gate spawns probes periodically (and more as the transformers to either side (just like in Infected Space) are destroyed.

When you first warp in, there is a Tactical cube guarding the system, destroying it begins the optional countdown. This ship isnt quite as easy as the Assimilated Carrier, but it is close.

After the cube is destroyed, the shields on the gates go down and they start spawning probes. From there, the group is split up into Gate guards and attackers.

Attackers simply work on destroying the Gates exactly the way it is done in infected. Kill all the generators to make the transformer vulnerable. Kill both transformers to make the gate vulnerable. Then kill the gate. Destroying two of the generators on a transformer spawns a cube similar to the two spheres that warp in in Infected.

The Gate guards are concerned with killing the probes that come through the gates and try and get to the time portal. Believe it or not, it is perfectly possible for one single person to guard both gates. They should use the exact same set up as the Kang Guardian in Cure. Three purple Conn Officers improving Evasive Manuevers and hyperimpulse engines (a bonus, not even a necessity). A lot of people tend to treat someone doing this like a rock star until they try it themselves and realise that "Oh ... its easy .."

As for the actual correlation of forces:

1 Gate guard, 3 Attackers on Left, 1 attacker on Right:

This is my favourite, but it requires the solo person going right to be mildly insane. Their goal is to have both transformers destroyed or nearly so by the time the 3 on the Left make it over to the Right. A Torp boat carrier works very well for this, but so does an escort with slightly absurd DPS. Obviously, the three on the left blow up that gate as soon as humanly possible and then burn over to the right, kill the sphere group that spawns, and then the gate. With the right people, you will not see a second sphere group. This has the advantage of getting all 5 people attacking the same thing.

1 Gate guard, 4 attackers:

Again, a super fast escort to guard, this time, the 4 attackers leave the left gate at 10% or so before moving right. It becomes the gate guard's job to blow the left gate when the right is nearly done. Timed properly, a sphere group may not even spawn. (difficult to do without a voice program, so dont worry if it doesnt happen)

2 Gate Guards, 3 attackers:

Same as 1/4, just with two guards in the event no one can handle both gates.

I could go on, but they would jsut be variants of the above. Some group or person to guard the gate, and some way to destroy the gates.

Donatra, aka 'Glitchy Space Ninja'

This fight can be difficult or easy, depending on how screwy the system gets. Here, same with the Infected Tactical cube, energy drains or disabling attacks make everything simpler, however, they merely make her easier to kill, not more docile.

Save Evasive Maneuvers for every time she decloaks to fire the thalaron blast (which on Elite difficulty is almost certainly going to kill you. A very tough tank cruiser running a lot of resists could probably survive it, I think Ive done it a couple times myself, I honestly dont remember, but its not worth trying.)

The main tactic is to try and keep behind her, she has some very powerful fore facing weapons, mostly in the form of very damaging torpedo spread attacks that will drop a shield facing and take a hunk out of the hull of even a very tough tank cruiser.

Also, be careful with repulse abilities as you can kill people by pushing her and her
thalaron attack back into range of someone who just evasived to get out of it. They can sometimes be helpful, but its pretty rare, especially since people hardly ever plan their own safety around someone pushing her in a particular direction.


Occasionally, she will fire her thalaron pulse instantly, if it gets you, its not your fault.

Usually, its a good idea to save your cool downs till after she decloaks the first time (some teams can take her out before she cloaks even once, this has a large luck component to it though) as she will sit there, still charging up the gun. This give you a decent amount of time to pound her into oblivion.

Lastly, you can 'kite-tank' her by flying out of range (> 10 km). This usually extends the amount of time she stays uncloaked and can be useful if your team .. sucks.