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Originally Posted by thoroon View Post
Welcome to the World of RNG.
The odds are unknown (there are projects which try to find out though), chances are always the same, and there is nothing you can do to increase them.

Since you opened 200 Boxes, it means you had 200 Keys.
Let me ask you something: What did you want from the Boxes anyway?
Lobis were "cheap" (in comparison) via Gamma Packs last weeks.
D'Kora to fly -> 200 Keys give you way more EC, than you needed to buy one of the exchange.
D'Kora to sell on Exchange -> Points for 200 Keys converted to Dilithium give way more EC (buy material and sell and/or craft stuff and sell)

I don't understand why you paid so much, and didn't know "how", sorry.
Nah I just opened them cause I'm getting bored with the game. thought it could be fun. well it wasnt'. May be I should get some gear and go kick some arrogant panda backsides... may it would be fun...

I wanted the lobis for the ferengi set. Boxes are still cheaper way of getting lobis. I think the odds for lobis has been corrected, cause I consistenly get around 200 lobis per 30 or so boxes. median price of keys on exchange 800k ec, so that's 24M ec total, 30M to round up.

You get 10 lobis per GQ/Rec doff pack that are roughly 5M on exchange, so total 20 doff packs gonna cost around 100M.

That's basic math, and they teach it in school these days... Well, may be not anymore.

Need to mentioned that this was in fact an experiment and I just published my result as well as my general dissatifaction.

I also opened 20 gq doff packs. Didn't even get a purple doff out of it. Something like 5 blues and all were useless. The rest are whites. Now to be honest why are there white doffs in the doff packs at all I wonder?

Other thing if the gold boxes are so rare (I get them roughly 1 out of a 100 of mystery boxes) then the reward for gold boxes should be adjusted, let's say 100 lobis for a gold box. I opened 10 or gold boxes during the experiment and generally got 5 lobis and a ground pet or 2k cxp as useful as they are.