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06-30-2012, 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by alphaomega1500 View Post
What Starship design is going to be used for the FHEC.

Since The FHEC is going to be the only other starship able to use the Torpedo Point Defence System.

I was wondering what class of starship it could be.

I'm hoping it might be the Promethus Class With the MVA system and the other point defence system added to the Torpedo Point defence system and 2 or 3 hangers.

The Promethus as a possible Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier and with all of its BO slots being universal (2) Commander, (4) Lt.Commander slots

The Promethus has my vote for Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier
The Armitage IS a Fleet Escort with pets.

That's almost precisely what it is.

Still, asking for 2 Commander and 4 LTC Boffs, Universal at that? In an Escort of all things? This is either a troll post or you're retarded when it comes to system balance.