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Originally Posted by alphaomega1500 View Post
No, Just wanted to be able to have an almost all Tac crew and be able to use their LT. Com & Com level weapons training

Also check out the information listed on the Torpedo Point Defence System.

Their is the Heavy Escort Carrier ( The Armitage) and the their is listed a Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier
Irrelevant. The ship functions as a Fleet Escort with a console and pets. The ship's functionality and combat tactics are almost identical.

I don't care what the console designates it as.

I use the ship. I know how it flies. Avidly in both PvE and PvP.

Nevertheless... name one other ship that even has a 2nd Commander slot ANYWHERE in the game. Name one ship, even without ANY Commander slots, that has 4x LTC Boffs.

Name a ship that would be so asinine as to make this many OP BOFF slots, and then make them Universal.

At the same time, giving it the maneuverability and function of an Escort.

Then while you're at it, define how this would not be ridiculous in the game by combining its ability to multi-vector AND have up to 3 Hangar bays, then give it yet ANOTHER point defense bonus.

If you can do that with a straight face without saying the ship has absolutely no shield system at all and the hull of the Miranda starter ship, then I will say you're a moron.

If you can do that without a straight face, then I will say you're a troll.

The fact of the matter however is even if the level cap increased to level 60, and a new Tier-6 fleet were designed, even with +1 variants, this ship you suggest would be ridiculously overpowered and pathetic if implemented.