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ummmm... that is not what was stated hon. I suggest you go back, cool your heart some, and listen again. ^^

That conversation you take out of context was simply comparing the bortas sales to the oddy sales. Mr. Rivvera mentions before that that a completely new Klingon ship is coming out for the 1000 day veteran reward for both factions. He also states that short term plans, that the groups has decided that no newly designed KDF ships are coming out any time soon.


Umm, because he mentions they just added new skins, to all the new "Fleet" refits that both the Fed and KDF got? Not to mention the unique skin that all 900 day members get for both factions? ^-

Just saying sweety, perhaps looking at the larger picture is better then misquoting folks or short sightedness. Granted, Xas, there are many things that were done wrong, but lets not add to the problems by misrepresentation of a partial statement vs the entire statement.
The the past two years have taught me anything, do you even know what "short term plans" translates into? It basically means, "Never gonna happen..."

Secondly, in what way does the Fed ships (carrier + carrier-esc) translate into a fair argument vs. KDF fleet "skin", on top of the fact that the Feds are getting the very best of the SB cookie jar as well.

Just saying sweety, but its difficult to be shortsighted when there's already an elephant in the room.

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