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I've played since Beta. There was far less to do and far greater numbers.

Cryptic intentionally disinvested from the KDF because they weren't prepared to invest money in it's potential.

They consistently and continously lied to their paying customers, and then when said customers complain, they "mute/ban/etc" them, or simply ignore them.

STO is failing, defend it all you like. Cryptic/ PWE have run the concept of what Star Trek is into the ground.
you can tell me STO is failing, like so many other angry and disgruntled players over the last 2 years, and im sure you or someone else will tell me is failing in another 2 years. go play the game sometime and take a calm look around and you will see people having fun. you wont see the sky is falling or the game is dying.

less than 20% of people play the klingons (and even fewer play them only) yet take an objective look at how much they have been developed from what they were. all FE are cross faction. there have been 21 c-store ships for klingons compared to 29 fed. there have been 9 unique klingon missions and 3 patrols compared to 3 fed missions, 3 remastered and 8 minor diplomatic missions.

every new feature from the doff system, to the foundry to starbases are designed for cross faction.

there have been new social zones in qo'nos and the academy. the gorn got updates. the orions, and nausicaans got unique costume outfits. they can now use scanners, and crafting and use the whole galaxy and access to the stf's. there have been fleet actions opened up and defend sector missions and star clusters. they had none of this at launch and cryptic had no obligation to add or fix any of it.

they have lagged behind in the costume department and that is a little sad, although part of the problem is that klingons have more complicated character models than feds. fed costumes are an easy way to make a lot of money to keep the game going. yet when they do get costumes they are awesome. in fact just about everything that gets added for klingons is visually amazing. there is no lack of effort when making klingon stuff. the designers have said they even like making klingon stuff more, but the numbers need to start paying off and every indication is that the numbers dont change. will adding more ships or missions change that? so far evidence suggests that answer is no.

they are doing their best to improve the klingon faction from its start position of next to nothing without losing their massive fed playerbase. they took their pvp only faction and they made it playable for everyone and it will only get better as going forward will continue to be cross faction.

they did all of this despite the fact that only a tiny percentage of loyal players play the faction. they have pumped far more resources into that the numbers would suggest yet players like you are still not happy. you want a full klingon faction. fine but well you are not getting it. none of us are. there is no clambering from the masses to come over and play either. they are not interested. klingons will always be a mini faction. if they ever add romulans they will be an even smaller faction.

if anything they should never have included the faction at launch, and they nearly did not. they had a deadline to hit from the contract with CBS that they took over and they very nearly left them out. they wanted them in to try and improve them, knowing that if they left them out there was a very real chance they would never get back in.

now, no matter how much they realistically add despite the numbers against them, they get slated for it.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission

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