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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
I like the design of the Bortas while I find the Oddy quite ugly. The "science" variant with sensor scan is quite good as a healing/beam boat while it allows to dish out moderate damage due to sensor analysis and 4 tac consoles. The only thing what really annoys is the slow turn rate.

However, because of saucer sep the Oddy can be much more mobile. I think something similar should also have been given to the Bortas. Maybe add +2 turn rate for every saucer sliced of the hull of a federation vessel by disruptor fire hrhr
The look is about the only thing I like about the Bortasqu', so much I can go on about the ship, if I want a healing/beam boat might as well go with the voquv. The voquv is free, get more healing for your buck and you can keep the lt cmdr tac boff without losing any healing, not to mention you can have fighters which more than make up for a couple weapon slots or take healing pets.