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Originally Posted by peregrine0falcon View Post
Before everyone gets upset you should at least listen to the podcast. The OP is misquoting CaptainGeko, and deliberately mischaracterizing his statement. And you all fell for it, because you didn't listen to the podcast.

Starting at 1:07:54 (link), here's what CaptainGeko actually said:

[i]"To be honest we don't sell that many Klingon ships.

So we just don't and a... so its... we love to make them. The artists I think like to make them more than Fed ships cause they can be a lot more creative with them, but what the Odyssey sold in comparison to the Bortas was an order of magnitude different.

The Odyssey took a lot more work... (snip) [because of the contest] (snip) ...but even beside that I mean the amount of development time that it takes to make one ship is a lot and so if they don't sell it's really difficult to justify.

While there's plenty of things about the Empire to be upset about, let's not waste our time getting upset about things that weren't actually said. And let's not allow ourselves to be successfully baited by Federation trolls.
This is a load of crap and you know it - you just won't admit it - KDF content is not profitalble - this is what was said - for PWE - not profitable means it won't happen - that is common sense - that is what he is aying "so if they don't sell it's really difficult to justify."

I am not misquoting him at all - you nicely put up exactly what he was saying - no - profit = no new ships

Go back to fantasy land if you think "not profitable to justify making" will change any time in the future

I commend Al for being as blunt as he is - no - BS to hold on to.