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07-01-2012, 08:47 AM
Well, if PWE was to review the already made klink content they'd see that the player gets told early on in their career that there aren't that many types of ships as when the klinks find something that works they run with it. That would very strongly imply that there SHOULD be less klink ships.

Based on that, PWE just needs to make more entry level missions, ensure that when fed ships have refits that klinks get some too and then klinks are finished. Next faction, thanks.

Next faction, thanks. If PWE wanted to be brave, it would do Ferengi. Yes, there aren't many ships and they're not as 'big' as Romulans, but you could have a faction that levels by profit. Having a faction that has a completely new mechanic for leveling would add HEAPS of dimension to the game.

(I suppose if klink players start complaining over my suggestion that no new klink ships are needed, well then I suppose we already have a Ferengi faction in the game...)