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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Ok first the 1000 day ship might be univeral - and it is a ship that only a very few people will get. Your point is completely invalid - you can't compare what he said about no new c-store ships for KDF with the 1000 day vet ship - which he said he has no idea yet what it will be.

And short term plans? Wow he mention nothing but the Sov, Vesta, and Wells on the Horizan up intil and after season 7!! so by short term do you meam 2013??

Fact is they have no intention of any real KDF content ever - he basically spelled it out - and the first dev to be as blunt with the cost/profit issue - hon
granted he spelled a few things out, that I already new. Things Mr. Stahl spelled out more then two months ago, so I am at a loss why this should be shocking news.

might, maybe's, if, thing is that is not what he stated levi. That was why i pointed that out. You seen what you wanted to see, as many do, and took from it a small portion of what was said.

I guess it is why I look at many acting with such venom and hurt feelings, being a devout Klingon player myself, I can understand those feelings, but realistically that is no reason to go about acting how many are as if this is a personal accosting and insult to them at such a level.

Cryptic is a company, and like any company they are going to put forth their effort where the money is. It is not rocket science, or a personal insult to anyone. It is good business sense.

Do I like the fact of what was stated, of course not. Will my "fragile" world end because of it? oh pulllease... If that is all I had to worry over with my mother having cancer, my own self having a cancer scare (that thankfully was negative) not to mention everything myself and my husband deal with in our families?


Listen dears, some of you really make me worry over you all. If I ever was half aggravated with a game as much as many of you post, I'll be honest, I'd leave it and have my husband remove it off my computer the very second and take our money someplace else. We (he and I) have done it in the past leaving maxed out characters, 10 of them, decked to the gills in World of ********, and 9 Dark Age of Camelot. This game is no different.

Maybe it is just my experience giving me a different way of looking at things Levi dear, but in the essence of it all, is it really worth all that aggravation?

What you are are hashing over is not news, Nau we may not like it, but the last board meeting they(cryptic) had they didn't invite me, sooooo that explained where I stand ^^. My only recourse is either
1. spend money with them
2. take my money someplace else.