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07-01-2012, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
This is a load of crap and you know it - you just won't admit it - KDF content is not profitalble - this is what was said - for PWE - not profitable means it won't happen - that is common sense - that is what he is aying "so if they don't sell it's really difficult to justify."
I'm not saying that you're wrong in your assertion that Cryptic won't make any more KDF ships, I'm simply saying that what you claim Geko said is not what he actually said. Therefore you misquoted him.

And I also question the purpose behind your creating this thread. Your post history shows that you're not a KDF player, so if you're not trying to simply stir up those of us who are, then why did you start this thread?

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