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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem, but I have a nova class science ship and I can't seem to get the "Wanderer" science bridge. The Delta bridge appears as a free option under the standard bridges, but the wanderer and explorer bridges are not available (or even listed/visible) for me to use. Theoretically, should they be listed/available to anyone with a science vessel? (Mine is a standard Nova, not a refit).


Are each of those bridges specific to each class of the science vessels unlocked at Lt Commander? (ie: is the reason that the Delta bridge is the only one I can choose because I chose a Nova class? Would wanderer be available if I had chosen Aurora or Quaser class?)


Is the wanderer just made available for the long range science vessel, since its the colors of Voyagers bridge, and the long range ship looks like voyager?


Does it have to do with rank? (Im a lvl 21 Commander now) Do I have to be a captain before the Wanderer is unlocked/made available?

I've heard that Wanderer is unlocked at Commander, but Im not sure if that is accurate or just conjecture, because this is not the case for me... Before I file a bug report, I want to see if anyone has any insights or answers for this. I just want the Wanderer bridge! lol