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04-08-2009, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by OddjobXL View Post
We've been over this elsewhere Hagon and the errs of your ways were duly noted there. Anyhow, this is a good thread for this discussion because the subject of the linked discussion is why multiplayer ships won't be in at launch.

The stickied thread on multiplayer ship and bridge crews on the main forums is closed and has been for some time unless there's another one.

I'm content to leave things where they are and not push the issue for now. Hagon has been informed as to the nature of his flawed thinking previously and I doubt repetition of the lesson will be any more successful here so I won't waste my time.
Actually, you were proved to be have very flawed memories when other individuals posted about how terrible the multi-player ship experience was/is in SWG. Just absolutely some of the most boring and undesirable content ever added to any mmorpg. Ever. Most of the few that still play the game don't even try and defend that huge mistake. An absolute waste of developer time and energy.