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Originally Posted by OddjobXL View Post
This is one area (among several including ship destruction and character death) where the lines will have to be blurred for playability's sake.
But to blur it in a more acceptable method by just making everyone a captain is wrong... it might not be your cup of tea, but that alone does not make it wrong.

All I'm saying is what we already know or can assume in this paragraph. Other than the bridge the rest of the ship is optional and how it's handled isn't nearly as important to a successful multiplayer ship design. Elements can be incorporated but needn't be.
This is what you said -

So the bridge should be the main focus of the design. Other elements can come later as the developers figure out how to make them "functional" (which is the plan now, evidently), be used primarily as mission locations (as they are now) or just be for entertainment purposes (like Ten Forward, the Captain's Ready Room or the Observation Lounge but potentially including Sick Bay and Engineering and The Holodeck as important locales players might like to visit for their own reasons).
Unfortunately you've not solved the problem. The bridge cannot provide constant (let alone engaging) content for a full PC bridge crew. This is the problem, yet you dance around it and avoid admitting it. Are there people who might be willing to over look this problem? Sure, are there enough to make a successful MMO out of it? No.

We're going to be on away teams and haven't ever handled a phaser in real life either. It's a game, man, elements can be abstracted or tailored for functionality while still conveying the essential content to express the experience. I doubt any station will perfectly recreate the actual functions possible in the series but they should look the part and convey key information in a way people familiar with the series can relate to.
You didn't read what I said. Standing at the bridge pressing buttons (without a knowledge of what they do) is not the same as firing phasers without a knowledge of them in real life. Relaying information to a PC captain to decided on orders is not the same as firing a phaser.

They have and they will. Pirates of the Burning Sea may not be a full tall ship simulator but they do take into account wind and inertia/momentum and reloading times and boarding actions and port blockades. SWG's space from JtL is a pretty nifty space sim, expecially the multiplayer ships, but there's no content in space so space withers except for PvP on some servers. Sadly, multiplayer ships aren't very good at PvP being gigantic targets full of crew who'd be better off manning a flight of snub fighters.
Have you played in the multi-player ships in JtL especially the fairly new gunboats. That's not multi-player ships. That is people sitting in turrets while another person flies the ship. Have you watched Trek there are no gun turrets, gun target is not manual it is done by computer.