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Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
But to blur it in a more acceptable method by just making everyone a captain is wrong... it might not be your cup of tea, but that alone does not make it wrong.
Where did I say everyone being a captain is wrong? Didn't I say that singleplayer ships, the exact same ones we'd use for multiplayer, should be the first consideration? Why yes I did. Multiplayer ships can come later on and should be seen more as a diversion than as a cornerstone. Though I will admit I think they'll eventually become by far the most popular way to go it's not practical to design for that assumption. In any case players will be spending more time in singleplayer mode than in groups simply because their regular crews won't always be available.

Unfortunately you've not solved the problem. The bridge cannot provide constant (let alone engaging) content for a full PC bridge crew. This is the problem, yet you dance around it and avoid admitting it. Are there people who might be willing to over look this problem? Sure, are there enough to make a successful MMO out of it? No.
There's no satisfactory way in words I can describe how this plays out if you haven't experienced it. I've played SWG PoBs, HSPACE console driven space sims and FASA's tabletop RPG. I've also played games with NPC crews where it's not hard to envision or wish for players to be sharing the experience with like Silent Hunter III or, as we're discussing in the main forum, B-17 II.

You'll have to wait and see for yourself. Or not. It may never come to pass.

You didn't read what I said. Standing at the bridge pressing buttons (without a knowledge of what they do) is not the same as firing phasers without a knowledge of them in real life. Relaying information to a PC captain to decided on orders is not the same as firing a phaser.
I suspect I'm still not following you. Reading information from a console, out loud, and inputting new responses to that console as ordered by a captain is confusing? How do you think people in multiplayer games, sims and MMOs alike, coordinate tactical maneuvers? The flow of information and coordinated response is crucial whether you're playing Eve Online or Falcon 4. What's the difference between a squadron or fleet and the bridge of a starship?

Have you played in the multi-player ships in JtL especially the fairly new gunboats. That's not multi-player ships. That is people sitting in turrets while another person flies the ship. Have you watched Trek there are no gun turrets, gun target is not manual it is done by computer.
Yes, but that doesn't make an SWG PoB not a sim. In HSPACE, while on my ship gunners were technically in turrets, it was a text-based game so they coordinated their firing actions on a console. The nav station was a console. The pilot's station was a console. Engineering was a console. And we used a ship's intercom to communicate and coordinate actions by typing. This was real time. FASA's RPG handed out cards to everyone at the table, except the captain, and the flow of dialogue from the players to the captain and back as he tried to coordinate actions was pitch perfect. Maybe that was just our group but I recall being amazed by how fun and dramatic it all was.

Now if I scanned in those old pads and described the simplicity of the system you'd probably say, "Balderdash! How could that possibly be entertaining?!" Maybe not with the balderdash part.

However the overall effect was gripping and dramatic. Any part in isolation, not so much, but the gestalt was magic. You were on the bridge.