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Originally Posted by vanipon View Post
Hi there, I liked your once upon a time series, but it seems that I'm stuck in part 5 trying to find out which system I need to go to get the quest STARTED. Or do I need to play episodes 3 and 4 before I need to play episode 5?
I would like to thank you for playing my mission first of all, and suggest that you play through all the earlier missions, as this will hopefully increase your enjoyment of the story line. As for where you need to go to start the mission it should be in the mission description as of today (July 1, 2012). Sorry for the inconvenience, but all of my missions (with the exception of the Mind Games series) have now been updated with the starting locations. If you have already found the location on your own, feel free to ignore this, otherwise I hope you enjoy my missions.

Also, because of the PWE changeover in the forum I can no longer change my old posts in this thread and so I have created a new one. It can be found here:

Thank you.

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