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Originally Posted by odyssey47 View Post
We really need the option of putting the player's face in the dialogue box, that way we can have a better means of having the player as part of the conversation. Is this possible? Also, I for one really need the ability to have the player's character go to a map alone. Having 4 lackeys following your captain in every situation is ridiculous. The player is alone in multiple Cryptic missions, most notably the recent Jem'Hadar featured episodes. Please put this in for season 6.
I agree with the need for the option to send the player somewhere alone. This would be very much appreciated.

I'm not so sure of putting the player's face in dialog boxes. I have the feeling many authors wouldn't take enough care to make sure that the player-dialog is neutral enough. I, at least, would be put off by my character saying things he usually wouldn't say.

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