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Originally Posted by backyardserenade View Post
I agree with the need for the option to send the player somewhere alone. This would be very much appreciated.

I'm not so sure of putting the player's face in dialog boxes. I have the feeling many authors wouldn't take enough care to make sure that the player-dialog is neutral enough. I, at least, would be put off by my character saying things he usually wouldn't say.
Yeah I understand that, but I think most authors have the player at least say a little, the continue button doesn't give you much room to say anything, and to have the player talk in the same box as another character isn't a good option. The way I see it though, in order to give a decent story and decent dialogue, the player needs to open up a bit and allow the dialogue to go outside of what his character or what his boffs might say. There's no way to predict what species the player or boffs are. Are we not supposed to use contractions, because the character may be an android or a Vulcan? Where does it end?

The way I see it, the player should pretend that entering the Foundry is like entering the holodeck, you may not be playing your own character. Picard was a very different person when he was playing Dixon Hill, for example. I'm here to tell a story I want to tell, and like everything else, there's no way to please everyone. I do intend to put warnings in the mission description. I.E. this story assumes your character is/isn't....