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1- Escort command does not work when issued on a ship of opposing faction. Aka a Klingon carrier cannot issue escort command on a Federation ship. The Pets will sit next to the klingon carrier doing nothing.

2- Intercept mode only functions if there are no enemy ships firing on the carrier. If carrier gets shot the pets ignore their intercept command and go attack the hostile ship (ignoring incoming heavy torpedoes, etc). All in all the intercept command is mostly useless.

3- Attack command is broken. Pets do not reset their target after they kill their first assigned target. For example, assign pets (just after they are launched) to attack a borg bird of prey. They do so. You change target to a borg raptor... the pets will not fire on the raptor they will instead fly around shooting at random targets. Setting Recall order and Attack again does not fix it. Nor does unselecting attack and re-selecting it.

4- Birds of Prey flight patterns are counter-productive. They fly towards target in an arc, pointing their nose away from target until they are almost at collision range ...this prevents BoP's from using their guns. When they do their attack run they once again fly willy-nilly in circles not firing anything but its useless turret until by some galactic fortune the enemy ship moves itself to a position where the BoP can actually fire its guns at it.

Finally, the birds of prey attack from completely random directions making their firepower utterly pointless since it is just diluted damage among different shield facings.

#3 and #4 were bugs created when the pet AI was worked upon several patches ago.

Please return BoP AI to its pre-patch condition (they would run to target together at high speed, fire weapons and return to carrier at top speed when recalled ...and they reacted quickly which made them very easy to control. Now they are uncontrollable).

Suggestion: Change the carrier commands.

Attack: Same as it currently is now.

Intercept: Change it to a special attack order: Pets will fly directly to target, fire ONE volley with their special abilities (rapid fire, high yield, etc) and return quickly to carrier..and repeat the procedure.

Escort: Make it a toggle option in the sense that if you order pets to escort a friendly they will do so until the escort command is removed or recall ordered. Currently the escort command does not work since the instant you engage an enemy ship and have to target it the pets stop escorting the friendly.

Recall: Same as it is now except PLEASE get rid of the silly formation thing. It just messes up pet AI. If anything just have the pets sit on the respective hangar side (hangar1 = left side, hangar2 = right side) of the ship.