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07-02-2012, 12:23 PM
Well, It's by far the most effective sci ability in the utility aspect.

Crowd control just slowing them down, High Yield plasma torpedo denial for borg, Decent damage out right, Extreme damage when combined with a sensor scan and multiple warp core breaches.

The issue in PvE is most ships don't fly fast enough and the NPCs are just idiotic. Thats why it's most effective there. In PvP you could avoid it rather easily. It's a pretty static object, and if your lucky maybe you'll get another aftershock well. Now even if your targeted you can break free rather easy. Thats what would be needed to addressed. Maybe make the pull a new type of hold in the code so it would influence ships differently based on ships inertia? However this is something they would have to do in a broader revamp of PvP.