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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I know.
Evidently the feds have to have such OP vessels to compensate for their short commings. Besides since the Devs are fed focused I am not surprised that they are also fed buffing. Can't have the majority feeling dour becuase they get kicked around by the minority.
True Roach, but this KDF supporter has lost his cheer.

The bottom line of this game is this.

The ability to tank damage has been increased fedside + the ability cause damage was increased Fedside
(I suspect for the PVE Kirks of this game), and in doing so Crytpic have kicked out the last remaining leg of the PvP table so to speak.

The KDF should not be satisfied with being given ships that are, yes dare I say it - obselete in the game. They are virtually replicas of existing ships in the game anyway. e.g. The K'T'inga. To me its little more than a re-skinned T5 Negh'var with some minor differences. How many of those do you see around? These ships were an after thought.

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