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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
3- Attack command is broken. Pets do not reset their target after they kill their first assigned target. For example, assign pets (just after they are launched) to attack a borg bird of prey. They do so. You change target to a borg raptor... the pets will not fire on the raptor they will instead fly around shooting at random targets. Setting Recall order and Attack again does not fix it. Nor does unselecting attack and re-selecting it.
My pets move to attack whatever hostile I am targeting. They are so responsive at this that I get a little annoyed at times (for example, when they pull off a gate in KASE because I hit a pack of probes with gravity well). "Attack" always appears to function as "attack my target" or "assist me" for my pets.

I would like a second attack command that had them stick with an assigned target until it was dead.

In any case, I don't have them flying around picking random targets as you describe unless I leave them in Intercept mode. Speaking of that...

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Intercept: Change it to a special attack order: Pets will fly directly to target, fire ONE volley with their special abilities (rapid fire, high yield, etc) and return quickly to carrier..and repeat the procedure.
Ugh, personally I'd hate having carrier craft constantly yo-yo'ing between me and targets like this. The only time this even sounds remotely nice is if one strike would kill the target.

For me, I'd like an assist/attack what I'm attacking command, a focus on a target 'till it's dead command, a real escort command that does anything or perhaps functions as a means to shoot down incoming torpedoes and fighters (like how I thought Intercept is meant to be used) on the selected friendly, "fire at will" command that lets them engage freely, and the recall.
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