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07-02-2012, 03:30 PM
Personally I believe that the story STFs should perhaps be mandatory for the first character to perform them per account, much like the tutorial is forced on you initially then can be skipped afterwards. This may seem slightly backwards logic, but personally I think that many MMOs these days are less about the setting, storyline and world ( or in this case galaxy ) as it is an emphasis on mindless grinding, while there has to be a choice to be made by the player how they wish to approach the game, I think a certain slight amount of strong-arming is good in the case of driving the story forward.

However, once this has been completed then it the quick play versions of the STFs should be open and the story-mode should be an equal choice. There are a number of reasons for this, primarily ground missions appear deeply unpopular and space missions much more popular. Strong arming players into an event which they do not wish to do is unnecessary and frankly batty. Secondly it makes the game more accessible to players with limited game-time to play in, one badly Pugged STF can suck up over an hour of game time, knowing that after that you have to go on to the next portion of the mission with the same group would be downright demoralising.

The one thing I will say, is that there should be absolutely no material reward for doing the story version of the STF, both parties are essentially performing the same task, same risk and therefore should receive the same benefits. Perhaps an accolade or a title would be fitting for repeating the story version of the STF and maybe something to hang on your wall in the Captain's Ready Room or Crew Lounge. Providing an extra chance at a M.A.C.O or Omega piece would be seriously disadvantaging players who do not have the time to complete both sections in one sitting.

Choice in play-style is key, but one should not have advantages over the other, if this does ever become live for any reason, I would love to play the full story version as I have not had the opportunity before.