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My pets move to attack whatever hostile I am targeting. They are so responsive at this that I get a little annoyed at times (for example, when they pull off a gate in KASE because I hit a pack of probes with gravity well). "Attack" always appears to function as "attack my target" or "assist me" for my pets.

I would like a second attack command that had them stick with an assigned target until it was dead.

In any case, I don't have them flying around picking random targets as you describe unless I leave them in Intercept mode. Speaking of that...
Observe them more carefully. Currently the system is set so that if you have the attack order highlighted the carrier is sending a 'attack my target' order every second to the pets. Now, all pets except the bird of prey do this with no problem. Bird of Prey however has a big problem in the way their AI receives these orders because it seems the BoP's have their own 'target' list and they 'choose' targets to much faster than the once per second carrier command spam... so you end up with your BoP's obeying one attack order and then ignoring the next one because they ordered themselves to attack something else. This is an old, old glitch that has been called to cryptic's attention too many times. It is not fixed yet..and in fact was introduced when they begun messing with the AI.

The 'attack until target is dead -or- I manually order it to attack something else' used to be how the pets obeyed your orders..and it worked wonderfully. Now its not.

Originally Posted by synkr0nized View Post

Ugh, personally I'd hate having carrier craft constantly yo-yo'ing between me and targets like this. The only time this even sounds remotely nice is if one strike would kill the target.
Think about it. If the pets are coming back to your ship after each attack run that means they will be hitting the target together at the same time... not circling the target like idiots firing at all its shields and being rather ineffective.


For me, I'd like an assist/attack what I'm attacking command, a focus on a target 'till it's dead command, a real escort command that does anything or perhaps functions as a means to shoot down incoming torpedoes and fighters (like how I thought Intercept is meant to be used) on the selected friendly, "fire at will" command that lets them engage freely, and the recall.
assist/attack as you describe it is the current attack command. Focus till its dead its how it USED to be. Escort command should be a mix of intercept and escort I agree... and the 'fire at will' is already in game: just dont highlight any orders.

Here's a video I took before Cryptic started screwing with the pet AI. Notice how the BoP's responded INSTANTLY to recall commands (rushed to my carrier's side) and most importantly... they ATTACKED together firing at the same shield facing of the enemy. Look at the effectiveness of the BoP's back then compared to now.

The damage they do now per torpedo hit is just a tiny bit less than back then ... but if you see today, a BoP 'pass' does CRAP damage because the BoP's hit the target from all directions...whereas back then all 4 would hit the same shield...first 2 BoPs would slam the shields down and the next two would inflict very good damage on the target.

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