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# 19 Unbuyable Ships
07-03-2012, 06:04 AM

Certain ships unbuyable from ESD shipyard.


Ships like Yellowstone, Stalker and Odyssey (all 3 types) have a ZEN price of -
(They cannot be purchased.)


Ship vendor.

How to reproduce (If known.)

1- step 1 Go to ESD shipyard.
2- step 2 Try to buy one of the ships.


Earth SpaceDock.

#### <- Spacer Of some sort,

(So the person reading it can tell where the bug steps end easily.)


I was thinking that it was intended that these ships not be available, until I glanced at the top release note for Tribble 06/29 and I saw that the 'Stalker was added'. Why add it if you intend to not let it be sold?

In addition, adding the big escort carrier out the window (in the main ESD shipbay) but not having it for sale is a mean teaser.

I wonder if the Atrox and Armitage will get added to the ship vendor?