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Originally Posted by kimmera View Post
Actually other than colonists, the 'civilians' are Star Fleet 'Civil Corps,' so they are not really civilians per se.
Most of the civilians on the Enterprise-D fell into the same category. The real question is families - the Enterprise D was the only ship with people's kids running around under normal circumstances. The Enterprise E didn't show any, and Voyager only had the ones they picked up or were born on board. Crew who had families left them behind, a story point that was occasionally mentioned but mostly ignored despite how many cheap, low effect budget episodes it could make (it could have spared us Threshold!). DS9 had kids, but was a fully featured civilian trade and travel hub, and Jake very rarely went on the Defiant or a runabout, and usually only on missions expected to have no risk.

The writers decided later in TNG that they were sort of over the whole families on starships thing. The USS Yamato pretty well covered the problem with that. A lot of spouses and children died on that ship, and there's something very different about losing a civilian crewman who knew what they were signing on for when he wanted to study Xenowhatchamcallit on a starship, and losing his wife and son who were just there to be with him at the same time.

"Starfleet is not a military," never held water when your ship of peace is so powerfully armed that its mere existence is taken as a threat, sometimes even by your allies. There are very often civilians on military ships serving important roles in the ship's operation, but nobody has their family with them taking up space and resources.

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