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07-03-2012, 09:56 AM
gees 10min - u got it lucky - I am looking at 1 hour atm and it is still on 94.46

the first time (over 1 hour) it did "hang" as mentioned above.. no network traffic

I have tried 2x now to get in, and both time there is network traffic continuously for 1 hour

BTW I used to get it this bad with Sol System too.. but about a month ago its load times halved, down to 20-30 min max

just seconds after I posted this it did a screen clear (green-ish graphics) at 94.63, went nuts loading again and conked out at 96.12 again, still network traffic..

I bet you they pass packets of "updated player list" continuously till the map actually loads - these insane load times only happen in areas where there are a lot of people, with maybe the same amount coming and going..

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