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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Research and Development mission updated:
    • This mission is now now undroppable.
    • If there are any items remaining after the mission, players can turn all of them in to T'Pren
  • Updated the Accolade text for the Starbase Incursion.
  • War is Good for Business updated so that scanning Nandi doesn't interrupt on move.
  • Updated audio in order to resolve an issue with Logitech headsets.
  • Removed superfluous Escape Forcefield buttons from Power Plant boxes in the Borg Defera invasion.
  • Updated some text in Of Bajor to resolve some minor typos.
  • Bat?leths and Lirpas now are visible when holstered.
  • Interactible items should no longer have more than one interact FX on them.
  • Updated the Miranda available in the Dilithium store.
    • It?s now correctly the version that players receive as their first spacecraft.

Duty Officers:
  • Energy Weapons Officers updated:
    • Subsystem Targeting version has had its reduction effects restored to -15/-20/-25/-30, while its chance has remained at 25%
    • Beam Overload/Fire-at-Will version has had its reduction effects reduced to -2.5/-5/-7.5/-10, while its chance has been increased to 50%
    • Cannon Volley/Rapid-Fire version has had its reduction effects reduced to -2.5/-5/-7.5/-10, while its chance has been increased to 50%

  • Filled a hole outside the Warrior?s Hall in First City.
  • The nebulae in the Vega system are less wobbly now.
  • Floating NPC icons now show properly through all transparent materials.
  • It?s no longer possible to get stuck inside lamps on ESD.
  • The Exchange is now present on the map for First City.
  • Toned back the brightness/bloom on several maps.

  • Officer of the Watch missions are available.
    • No fakies.
  • Starbase Alerts are now available!
  • Provisioning has been enabled.
    • Functional Operational Assets are coming soon.
  • The KDF Bridge Officer trainer on starbases now works as expected.
  • Starbase stores now include Operational Assets tabs.
  • Redecorated the starbases again to rearrange items and consoles.
  • Disbanding a fleet while inside a starbase map no longer causes the map to get all weird.
  • Players can no longer invite other players with different allegiances to their Fleet maps.
  • The Contribute button for projects is now disabled if a player doesn?t have contribution permissions.
  • The project selection list now displays the completion time of the project.
  • There is now a new tab in the Holdings window that displays the Fleet?s current provision counts.

  • Added three new door props for Foundry use:
    • Door - Opening ? Tan
    • Door - Opening ? Blue
    • Door - Opening ? Red
  • Table ? with Chairs 03 no longer has its chair backs in the middle of the table.
  • After selecting an object to use for a map transfer, it?s now possible to change that object to one of a different type or to Whole Map, when applicable.
  • Resolved several issues with the custom Costume creator.

  • Reduced damage on Borg Cutting Beam by 20% per tick
  • Borg Tractor Beams can now be resisted
  • Nanite Health Monitor will use its FX less frequently now, only once per jump to a new target.
  • Nanite Health Monitor is now capable of curing Nanite Infestation.
  • FX caused by the refresh of IDIC team buffs should be far less spammy now.
  • "Synergy" buff will now only be obtained once when applicable, instead of 4x as it previously was.
  • Summoned pets and allies have been adapted for hostile environments:
    • Security Escorts will now beam in wearing EV Suits if the player has their EV Suit on and Activated.
    • Quantum Shadows summoned by the Shard of Possibilities will now appear wearing EV Suits if the player has their EV Suit on and Activated.
    • Horta Combat Allies are immune to the effects of hostile environments.
    • Mugato Combat Allies will still suffer damage and eventually perish if summoned in a hostile environment.
    • The rare summons that occasionally occur when using Devidian Pattern Enhancers do not function in hostile environments.
    • All ground Vanity pets are disabled while in a hostile environment.
    • The psychic images called by Aenar and Reman are now immune to hostile environments.
  • Increased damage for Quad Phaser and Disruptor Cannons.
  • UI:
  • The stores are no longer empty.
  • Updated the max price of one Zen on the Dilithium exchange to 750 Dilithium.
    • This is part of the conversion to Zen.
    • The valid price range is now 50 to 750.
  • The Klingon Bridge Officer trainer now displays the correct career icons.
  • The Fleet Vault button no longer displays for players not in a fleet.
  • Added the new small craft "No UI reticle" mode to Web Nodes on the Tholian Web, and the Tholian Web Wall.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented reopening a private PvE queue window after changing maps.
  • The PvP queue window now properly closes when entering a PvP map.
  • The Fleet Activity Log now displays a player?s new rank after promotion.
  • A player?s summoned pets will now display as green on the minimap.
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